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Close Up von Blatt


Birgit Aubert:  Fiddle, vocals .......... She has been playing the violin for three and a half decades - and just can't get enough of it!

Especially not since she “tasted” folk music in 1997 and caught fire. The classical experience continues to serve as an excellent technical foundation, but she just thrives as she plays folk and dance music. Her travels through Scotland, Sweden, Ireland and France as well as through the German session scene enliven and enrich her music and playing style. She learned the most important folk influence from Alasdair Fraser in his fiddle courses on the Scottish island of Skye.

She was born to sing - also here with a partly classical training and yet with even greater enthusiasm around the campfire and later on stages, from musicals to folk concerts.

She gained band experience with "Whirli Gig" (celtic folk), "Fish & Cidre" (Irish & Breton) as well as with "À la Prochaine" (bal folk) and "Prends tes Pieds" (Irish & French folk dance music).

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Marc Lewandowsky :  Guitar, mandola,   Vocals ........ learned to play the guitar at the tender age of 12.
Later, the former guitarist of the group Pur, Rolf Lichtblau,  the rocking and rolling.
This type of music accompanied him as a guitarist and singer until the mid-2000s.
In 1997 he tried his first steps in folk music, which at that time was still very much oriented towards the "Pogues". With the band "The Delaneys" he played with changing lineups for many years. 
In 2009 he started the band "Colludie Stone" together with accordionist Mirko  Smith from the baptism. Here he mainly contributes with the guitar, Irish bouzouki and lead and backing vocals.  

Robert  Iacuzzi :  Flood,  Guitar, vocals ..............   has been playing the Irish flute since 1998. Robert is a student of the well-known Irish flute player Conal Ó Gráda from Cork, Ireland. Workshops and sessions with other well-known flute players from Ireland and all over Europe helped him to find an approach to this special and unique flute style, which is so rich in ornamentation, very percussive and typical of Irish music.

He likes to travel around Ireland and loves to play in the sessions there. Here in Stuttgart he has been playing in the Irish Folk Session at O'Reilly's for 18 years, where you can also hear him every Monday. He gained band experience with the formations "Galtee Hunters" from Stuttgart and "Ceol" from Pforzheim.
He plays an Irish Rudall & Rose wooden flute. They are harder to play than the modern metal or silver Böhm flutes, but the sound is much softer, warmer and darker.


Wilfried Stecher :  Bodhran, guitar, mandolin, bass, fiddle, vocals ...... describes himself as a "passionate folk musician". As a child he didn't like (classical) violin playing at all, switched to guitar, mandolin and bass, sang in a choir for years and only rediscovered the violin as an Irish folk instrument after 35 years. After many workshops with well-known, mainly German fiddlers such as Gudrun Walther (Cara), Sabrina Palm (Wisht!) Or Sabine Pichler (Irish Tradhead) etc., he now plays in various folk formations and was co-founder of the Stuttgart Irish-Celtic Folk Session. The unbelievable number of rhythmic possibilities of the bodhran (Irish frame drum) fascinated him so much that this instrument has now become an integral part of the Colludie Stone music. He has been a musician with Colludie Stone since 2010.  Until 2014 he was also a fiddler of the Irish - Breton folk band Kerlarec.

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