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Close Up von Blatt
Close Up von Blatt


They brought a lot of stories with them on stage and paired with fast jigs and reels the audience got their money's worth.
Nürtinger Zeitung, September 18, 2012
Folkival Nürtingen

Violinist Birgit Aubert and flautist Robert Iacuzzi, who also took turns as vocal soloists with guitarist Marc Lewandowsky, are the governors of the instrumental brilliance that is indispensable in the many virtuoso pieces ......
Sindelfinger Newspaper
Odeon 07/17 2021

"This brilliant and virtuoso album, which also contains dreamy and melancholy tracks, cannot be missing in any folk CD collection. The overall quality of the CD is very high and the interplay is impressive. We seldom hear an album with such a good and varied concept - here Kudos to everyone involved! "
Review of our CD "Streetwise"
Folk.World February 8th, 2020
"The four protagonists all turned out to be experts in their field."
Bietigheim newspaper
Wurmbergkeller 02/09/2019

At the end of the concert there were only a few left in their chairs. The visitors celebrated the nine musicians with a rhythmic clapping! "
Freiberg News
Concert with Colludie Stone + CARA
Prisma, Freiberg / N

"There was a band at work that reached their audiences, excited them and mastered their instruments admirably."
Acherner newspaper
Culture in the stable 10/13/2018
"Colludie Stone offered a varied performance with their very own interpretations of songs, tunes and ballads."
Bulletin "Weil im Schönbuch"
Concert by Colludie Stone, Bürgersaal
Because in Schöbuch October 7th, 2017

Von Beginn an bis zur letzten Zugabe tummelten sich viele irische Geschichten, gepaart mit Jigs und Reels oder Tanzstücke mit Klatscheinsätzen. Die vier Protagonisten erwiesen sich als Könner ihres Fachs. Die Band erreichte mit ihrer Musik

das begeisterte Publikum.


Heilbronner Stimme 19.11.2023, Neuenstein

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